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The Surprising History of Structured Water

The relationship between scientists and structured water goes back much farther than any mainstream public exposure. In fact, the Structure of Water has a long history with the Nobel Prize, prestigious scientific journals, and documented, credible research, making one wonder how so many can be critical of it's discussion."
Dr. Carly Nuday, Water Codes
line of liquid crystals
Structured Water has a long history; dating back much further than any history book is willing to go. While the knowledge, use, and application of structured water principles dates back many civilizations, we will use this history lesson to discuss our modern knowledge. For more about our pre-modern knowledge of structured water, click here.

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Structured Water: A Brief Timeline

Johannes Kepler theorizes that the hexagonal symmetry of snowflake crystals is due to a regular packing of spherical water particles - i.e. the structured or ordered arrangement of water molecules in his work Strena sue de Nive Sexangula.

First record of "modern" application of structured water principles, with the development of Homeopathy:

Therapeutic system which uses extremely diluted substances as a remedy. Substances are so diluted that only water remains, with no physical atoms of the original substance present. This water is then used as the remedy, having become structured with the energetic signature of the plant or matter originally used.

While largely ignored and even slandered by Western medicine, which relies heavily on expensive, dangerous, and patentable pharmaceutical drugs, Homeopathy is so widely practiced by physicians in Europe it is no longer appropriate to consider it an "alternative medicine."

Today, over 40% of doctors in Britain refer patients to homeopathic physicians, it is used regularly by 30% of French doctors, and is considered effective by more than half Dutch physicians. Homeopathy has also been consistently used by the British Royal Family since the 1830's.

Scientific validation for Homeopathy would finally occur nearly 200 years later.
Linus Pauling:

One of the most influential chemists and scientists in history.

The only man to receive two unshared Nobel Prizes. Also one of the only two people in the world to receive two shared Nobel Prizes.

1920 - postulates his theory on water's memory - wherein water rearranges it's structure of molecular arrangement in order to encode, transmit, and integrate new information, akin to storing "memory"

1961 - publishes his hypothesis for the molecular mechanism of anesthesia, referred to as the "hydrate-microcrystal (aqueous phase) theory" - based on the molecular behavior of water molecules.

Pauling's theories were too advanced for fellow scientists at the time, who lacked the innovation and technology to study his concepts.

His hypothesis has gained considerable weight today in the studies of neuroscience and brain chemistry through the help of MRI technologies, which are confirming Pauling's beliefs.
Viktor Schauberger:

A pioneering naturalist and inventor, Austrian born Viktor Schauberger files his first patent applications for water engineering and turbines, and for the next few years would conduct experiments producing electrical energy directly from water. Through direct observation of nature, Viktor Schauberger proposes theories on the natural and correct management of water, the distinguishing properties of vortexing water, and implosive (as opposed to explosive) energy devices. He would be celebrated for years to come for his discoveries in water sciences and agricultural techniques, through a holistic approach to understanding nature, and his work would later inspire the development of several inventions.
Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi:

Held as the father of bio-chemistry.

Wins Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for discoveries relating to Vitamin C

Long recognized the importance of the structure of water, and the structure of water as it relates to cellular integrity. Some of this is highlighted in a few of his published books, namely Bioenergetics (1957) and Introduction to a Submolecular Biology (1960), and his paper Water-Structure-Dependent Charge Transport in Proteins (1980), from the laboratory of the National Foundation for Cancer Research.

Quotes from Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi:

"Life is Water, dancing to the tune of solids."

"Water is life's matter and matrix, mother and medium."

"Biology has forgotten the intracellular water, or it did not discover it, as yet."

"Since the structure of water is the essence of all Life, the man who can control that structure in cellular systems will change the world."
Dr. Bernard Grad, McGill University, Montreal:

While researching other phenomena, Grad conducts multiple well-designed experiments demonstrating that healers, and also magnetic fields, had positive effects on water as measured through it's ability to accelerate plant growth.

Also inadvertently demonstrated the de-structuring abilities of negative energies on the structure of water, by having the water treated intentionally by severely depressed psychiatric patients (as opposed to healer's intentions) and examining the rate of growth suppression in seedlings.

Chemical analysis on the water treated by healers and/or magnets indicated it had been structured.

Infrared spectroscopy revealed the atomic bond angle of water had shifted and surface tension had been reduced, both indicating structural changes in the molecular formation.

Several researchers since, including Douglas Dean and Edward Brame, as well as Stephan Schwartz and others, have replicated Grad's findings of changes in water treated by healers and magnetic fields.
Dr. Gilbert Ling:

Cell physiologist and biologist, instructor at John Hopkins University and professor at the Neuropsychiatric Institute at the University of Illinois Medical College, as well as the director of a research lab at the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia and author of over 200 scientific papers in prestigious journals.

In 1965, Dr. Ling adds to his theory from three years prior (a unifying general theory of a living cell, an alternative hypothesis to the membrane and membrane pump theories) a "polarized-oriented multilayer theory of cell water" , i.e. that cellular water is polarized and oriented, and thus dynamically structured. Although this theory would lead to the development of MRI Cancer Imaging three years later, Dr. Ling's work on the dynamically structured nature of water would later be confirmed using NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Imaging.

Dr. Ling's work on living cell functions and structured water inspired researchers for years to come, including Dr. Gerald Pollack and Dr. Mae Wan-Ho (see below).
Dr. Marcel Vogel:

Held as the world's greatest crystallographer and the father of structured water science. One of the most important inventors of all time. The first to demonstrate increased preservation rates from proper structuring techniques using water-resonance, his results were dramatic.

IBM research scientist 27 years, 32 patents. Prior to IBM pioneers black-light technology and phosphorescent materials (glow in the dark). With IBM, Dr. Vogel developed the technology behind today's liquid crystal displays (LCD screens) and magnetic stripe hard drive encoding, fathering much of today's crystal and computer based technology.

Left IBM 1985 to further investigate the relationship between crystals, water, and consciousness, as well as the connection between consciousness, energy, and living organisms. Collaborated with Cleve Backster, a former C.I.A. interrogation specialist, in the phenomenal work demonstrating the deeply connected consciousness of plants using lie detectors. (For more about this topic, see the documentary The Secret Life of Plants, here and learn more about Cleve Backster)

Opened a private research facility with IBM donations, and began using spectrophotometers to measure changes in water's reaction to thought and intention, demonstrating water's liquid crystal properties in response to consciousness and energy.

Discusses structured water as a fourth phase of water - termed the liquid crystal mesophase, The fourth phase of water would be revived again 20 years later by the work of Dr. Gerald Pollack, from the University of Washington.

The first to recognize the connection between the structure of water as a liquid crystal and it's relationship to consciousness, health, and information storage and transfer. Understood that information transfer occurs through the water in the body. Applying extensive knowledge in crystallography, develops the specific cut of crystal to have water-resonance, allowing for greater information transfer to water, not just in a glass but also in the body.

Utilizing water resonance, develops the proper protocols for structuring water, demonstrating dramatic increases in preservation rates for water, juices, milks, etc., as well as the ability to age new wine through applying structuring techniques, demonstrating that "aged" wine is a result of structure.

Jacques Benveniste:

Research leads him to the conclusion that the configuration of molecules in water was biologically active - i.e. the structure of the water had an affect on living organisms. Benveniste published his findings in the prestigious scientific journal Nature, findings which lent support to the tradition of homeopathy.

Benveniste was highly persecuted by the professional community for such "fringe" notions, and his publications were removed, even though Grad's work demonstrated that the configuration of water molecules was indeed biologically active, having had an effect on plant and seedling growth.

15 years later, such "fringe" notions are accepted in the depths of neuroscience and brain research, where Linus Pauling's work relating brain water structure and anesthesia are being studied, and are being celebrated by many other scientists observing similar potentials.
Dr. Grad's findings from 1960 are replicated and confirmed by Douglas Dean, one of parapsychologies most brilliant innovators, once again supporting Benveniste's work that the structure of water had an affect on living organisms (as observed by Grad and others on the effect of plant and seedling growth.) Although this work confirmed Benveniste's work, he was still at this time being heavily persecuted, and would continue to be slandered for many years.

Dean not only replicated Grad's findings at great repetition, he also found that the effect changed in orderly ways - there was an increase in the change of properties for water that the healer held longer, and a decrease in the change of properties when more time elapsed since the healer held the water. Dean found this effect with tap water, distilled water, saline solution, and also in a single test with heavy water.
Grad and Dean's findings confirmed once again in an independent laboratory.

In a blind and random study with several levels of controls, healers are again shown to have an effect on the structure of water, as confirmed using infrared spectrophotometry.

Findings published: Infrared Spectra Alteration in Water Proximate to the Palms of Therapeutic Practitioners. Edward Brame, Stephan Schwartz, Randall DeMattei, and Jr. and S. James Spottiswoode.
Dr. Mu Shik Jhon:

Former professor at the University of Utah and the University of Virginia, former visiting professor at the University of Paris, Kyoto University in Japan, and the University of Florida. Also worked as a professor of Chemistry at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, where he served as the Director of the Center for Molecular Science, and at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology as head of the Liquid State Chemistry Research Lab. Published over 250 scientific papers and received over 30 honors and awards, including the Grand Science Award and the Presidential Award of Science.

In 1986 Dr. Jhon presents his Molecular Water Environment Theory, which states that aging is a loss of hexagonal (i.e. structured) water from organs, cells, and tissues, and that by replenishing the structured water in our bodies we can increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease. In 2004 this work would be translated into English and published as Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key.

Dr. Jhon's research focused primarily on hexagonally structured water, including the role of minerals, temperature, movement, and pressure on the structure of water. He was one of the first to discuss the difference in the structure of water surrounding healthy and diseased DNA, as well as one of the first to document that drinking more highly structured water could improve the functioning of the human body.
Dr. Sinerik Ayrapetyan:

Member: International Society of Invertebrate Neurobiology, the European Society for Neurochemistry, Federation of European Neurosciences, International Brain Research Organization, International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics. Doctor of Sciences, researcher Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center

Conducts experiments using water exposed to electromagnetic (EM) fields demonstrate that information associated with EM fields can be stored in water for surprisingly long periods of time. These findings correlate with Marcel Vogel's work relating water as a liquid crystal memory system capable of storing information.
Dr. David Schweitzer:

A leading authority on blood analysis, Dr. Schweitzer advanced the HLB blood test by developing methods of detecting pre-cancerous conditions and fungal infections. 1992 Man of the Year Award for his contributions to the science of complementary medicine, 1993 World Intellectual Award from the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, UK, has attended 10 World Congresses of Medicine.

In 1996, Dr. Schweitzer succeeds in photographing, for the first time, thoughts impregnated in water, demonstrating Marcel Vogel's research as well as Grad, Dean, and others, that water can act as a liquid memory system capable of storing information.

Quotes from Dr. Schweitzer:

"After having observed blood for over a decade and discovering that blood cells expressed themselves with a language based on sacred geometry, shape, color, and harmonious shapes. I thought that, since blood cells were suspended in water, it might be possible to discover further details in the water itself."

"Having studied the relationship between the brain, cells, and emotions, I came to realize that certain trace elements were needed to send information from one area of the brain to another. I knew that minerals alone could not do it, so there had to be something else in between - another medium….water itself."
Dr. Konstantin Korotkov:

Doctor of Sciences, Professor: Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Deputy director of St Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture. Professor: Computer Science and Biophysics at St Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies. President of the International Union for Medical and Applied Bioelectrography. Also former Professor of Physics St Petersburg. Member of the Scientific Board of the European Society of Predictive Medicine.

Author of more than 200 papers in leading journals of physics and biology, holds 17 patents in biophysics inventions. Developer of gas-discharge visualization (GDV) technique in Kirlian photography, allowing photographic images of bio-energetic fields and disturbances when incorporated with computer imaging for diagnostic and assessment purposes, approved as a diagnostic tool in hospitals across Russia.

Begins charting the differences in various water samples that have been exposed to different types of consciousness, energy, and stimuli. Observes changes in surface tension and effect on plant growth rates. Concludes that positive and negative emotions have the largest influence on the structure of water.

"We have carried out many experiments on the effect that quite diverse factors have on samples of water. Magnetic fields, electrical fields, various objects, and also including a human presence, and human emotions. And it became clear that positive and negative human emotions are the strongest element of influence."
Dr. Lee Lorenzen:

PhD. Nutritional Biochemistry. Also attended UCI School of Medicine, Research Associate in the Department of Pharmacology. Member: American Preventative Medical Association, also Tokyo's Japanese American Resonance Research Society.

Granted patent for cluster water technology (i.e. structured water). Works with Dr. Emoto on photographing water's responsiveness and the differences in structure as it relates to the original source of the water - i.e. tap, different springs, lakes, etc. Also researched and wrote about the importance of the cluster or structure of the water as it relates to cell walls and the ability to deliver oxygen, nutrients, proteins and enzymes, while removing toxic substances.

Dr. Lorenzen's research on Clustered Water conducted in Japan for 13 years. Compiled significant data from clinical and double-blind studies, from over 210,000 patients.

"We're just trying to help re-induce order in the protein systems. Protein systems themselves can't have adequate order, unless there are actual water rings involved in bending and holding the proteins."

"It's a much more efficient way of hydrating cell systems in that it's giving (or returning) the water ring structure, which is necessary for normal cell [DNA and enzyme] function, signaling, replication, and repair."
Masaru Emoto:

Photographic researcher on the effect energy, stimuli, and consciousness have on the structure of water.

Publishes first of several volumes of work detailing the photographic results from his experiments, entitled Messages from Water, which would be followed by subsequent volumes over the following 10 years. Although his photographic research began around the same time as Dr. Schweitzer's (1994-1996), his work was not made public until this time.

Emoto's images were featured in the 2004 documentary What the Bleep Do We Know? , which gained both his work and the structure of water mainstream attention for the first time.
Dr. Gerald Pollack:

Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington. Member: American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, and the American Heart Association and the Biomedical Engineering Society. Received National Institute of Health's Director's Transformative R01 Award for his work on water.

Publishes book Cells, Gels, and the Engines of Life (2001). Documents how cells work, with an emphasis on the gel-like nature of the cellular fluids, connecting the inner matrix of cells to the importance of protein structures, and the ordering of cell water - i.e. the structure of water within the cells. Pollack demonstrates that the water within cells is not mere "bulk" water (random molecules in liquid state) but rather structures itself into an ordered grid and fine interior complex latticework.

Pollack identifies structured water as a "fourth state of matter" between normal liquid water and solid ice - a phase recognized by Marcel Vogel some 25 years earlier when he termed it the liquid crystal mesophase. Pollack demonstrates that the structure of water helps explain the odd resistance of cells to freezing. Also discusses the ability of cellular waters to experience rapid "destructure."

Pollack's book, which was likely heavily inspired by the work of Marcel Vogel, was one of the most comprehensive works on cellular water to date, tightly research-based and paradigm breaking within the scientific community. As such, it has not always been well received by the scientific community, which doesn't handle paradigm breakers well, if at all. While once dismissed by many scientist and accused of being "an embarrassment to his field and his University" by fellow researchers, the concepts presented in his book are becoming more and more accepted.

Pollack has since been recently granted the highest award possible from his fellow Faculty for his research.

Later Dr. Pollack would publish The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor (2013), and refer to Marcel Vogel's liquid crystal mesophase water as "exclusion-zone water" or "H302".
Dr. Yang Oh and Gil-Ho Kim:

Dr. Yang Oh, a biochemist from Harvard Medical School and retired professor at the Baylor College of Medicine, together with Gil-Ho Kim, publishes Miracle Molecular Structure of Water, a summary of their research following that of Dr. Mu Shik Jhon (below). Their research also supports that abnormal water structure could be related to abnormal cellular activity that results in diseases such as cancer and diabetes.
Professor Rustum Roy:

Materials scientist, Professor in Materials Science at Arizona State University, and in medicine at the University of Arizona. Held emeritus position at Pennsylvania State University in three different departments. Long career at Penn State in geochemistry, founded the Materials Science Laboratory also at Penn State, author of hundreds of technical papers. Member: National Academy of Engineering, and the International Academy of Science.

Does involved work relating to the memory capacity of water, talks about it being the single most malleable computer. Publishes The Structure of Liquid Water: Novel Insights from Materials Research; Potential Relevance to Homeopathy," and speaks about the structure of liquid water, later he would appear interviewed on the documentary Water, the Great Mystery.

Quotes from Prof. Rustum Roy:

"Their theory was that the chemical composition is important. Now the sensational news is that is nonsense. The structure of the water is much more important than the chemical composition."

"Water may be the single most malleable computer."

Dr. Luc Montagnier:

Winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of HIV as well as 20 major awards, Luc Montagnier successfully conducts an experiment in which diluted DNA suspended in one test tube of water was able to imprint a copy of itself into the test tube next to it, which contained pure water, when exposed to an electromagnetic frequency of 7 hz for a total of 18 hours. Because of it's implications for homeopathy, much like Jacques Benveniste Luc Montagnier faces harsh criticism and persecution by the scientific community.

Montagnier's experiment demonstrated that in the presence of an electromagnetic energy wave similar to that emitted by the Earth, the DNA appeared to "teleport" and copy between test tubes. Dr. Montagnier's conclusion is that the bacterial DNA was emitting electromagnetic signals, which were able to produce aqueous nano structures in the pure water test tube.

"In Montagnier's experiment, the DNA was energetically copied into the water much in the way that homeopathic remedies are energetically imprinted - that is to say, they are structurally encoded into the water…the DNA encoded into the pattern and the intelligent arrangement of the water molecules themselves." - Dr. Carly Nuday, Water Codes
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho:

Dr. Ho, a geneticist with a Ph.D. in biochemistry and Director of the Institute of Science in Society, publishes Living Rainbow H20, discussing the importance of structured water to the new science of organisms, becoming another voice of support for structured water science in the scientific and mainstream community. Dr. Ho brings attention to water's amazing quantum coherence and states that are superconducting and superfluid at room temperature and pressure. Dr. Ho lends his support to water as the basis of a new science, with "basic biology and health…poised for a revolution".
Dr. Carly Nuday:

Senior Researcher and Director of Water Inc. and co-founder of Tree of Life Tech, Dr. Nuday publishes Water Codes: The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment, putting forth the first model for structured water consciousness and the structured water physical and bio-energetic interface. Her book would include Dr. Apollo Stoppelbein's discoveries of water's fractal antenna nature, as well as her own research demonstrating the knowledge our ancestors had regarding structured water principles and the connection between structured water, consciousness, and enlightenment.

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