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The peak of structuring technologies. Taking over Marcel Vogel's legacy, Tree of Life Tech has been devoted to the advancement of structured water science since 2010. They have developed the first and most effective therapeutic tools specifically targeted at re-structuring water in the body, technology developed using Marcel Vogel's tools of water-resonance. Advancing Marcel Vogel's work, Tree of Life Technologies Inc. offers tools for both individuals and practitioners, including therapeutic jewelry, individual tools, and advanced ARC Gem Light Therapy Systems - which transmit complex crystallographic patterns to the water in the body via Marcel Vogel's tools of water resonance in combination with the only naturally pulsed magnetic crystal interaction in the world.
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A group of researchers and students at the Pollack Laboratory study water science, water-based technologies, water and cell biology, and water and health.
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A radio program dedicated to Water and topics of breaking paradigms, host Kim Greenhouse has a variety of guests on the show discussing everything from structured water to chi.

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