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The Structure of Energy:

Everything is Crystallography

"The stellar universe ought to be a finite island
in the infinite ocean of space."

~ Albert Einstein

"As science continues to explore deeper down the rabbit hole of our manifested reality, it continues to convey an ultimate truth regarding the fundamentals of our physical universe and the forces of energy driving it - that in fact, everything is crystallography. Thus new research has begun into the growing understanding of structured energy, where science recognizes that all energies, whether they are seen, unseen, magnetic fields, or even consciousness based, operate on principles of pattern and structure." ~ Dr. Carly Nuday, Water Codes

Water and the Ethers

earth energy waves
Many physicists and scientists have proposed that not only do we exist in a dynamic sea of energy, invisible to our very limited abilities of detection, but that there is also a definite structure to the energy around us. Many, including quantum theorists, also propose that this dynamic sea of energy is built primarily of consciousness. To our ancestors, knowledge of the sea of energy in our Universe, it's connection to consciousness, and it's structure was not unknown. It is truly for this reason that Water, through all of our religions, cultures, and belief systems, has always been intimately connected with both the birth of and the cosmic sea of energy within our Universe. It is not because they believed that Earth was simply some "air bubble" in a vast space that was actually filled with water liquid - it was because the space and water share the greatest commonality - a dynamic, flexible, and instantly changeable crystallographic pattern and structure, and a high responsiveness to consciousness.

"A Darkness was in the beginning hidden by darkness.
This all was water."

~ Vedic-Hindu Creation

"The earth was without form and void;
and darkness was on the face of the deep.
And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters."

~ Judeo-Christian Creation
Bible, Old Testament: Genesis 1:2
(before any act of Creation is detailed)

That's right - we live in a sea of energy, and just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. You can think of this sea of energy as the energetic version of structured water - flexible, capable of instantaneous change in response to it's environment, crystallographic and fractal (capable of intelligently storing, transferring, and transmitting information), and highly responsive to energy - particularly the energy of consciousness.

And like structured water, our Universe of structured energy operates as both the template on which the physical universe is built, and also the interface between consciousness, subtle energy, and what is made manifest. It is built of and made of patterns, and is an intelligent, computing system of intricately woven, crystallographic, multi-dimensionally fractal elements.

While the language might be a lot to swallow, the concept is one that many people have been trying to explain for years - from scientists to theologians. The idea that this sea of energy is crystallographic is not a new perspective, and entire dissertations have been written on this topic - but the realization that it is crystallographic in the way that water is crystallographic is new, and it explains a lot. Like the resonance between our water and our manifested reality. Or the ability for our Universe to unfold consciousness evolution in an exacting, precise way. Or what our ancestors were really saying in all of their language on Water, Creation, God, and the Universe.

It also explains the ability of certain things - whether they are plants, crystals, objects, or living creatures - to affect the "energy" or "sense" of a room. It explains ambience, distant healing, and "setting the mood", the power of prayer, faster than light speeds, and the intelligence behind the form and development of Nature. Its dynamic responsiveness is the way in which we manifest our own reality - as the structure of our Universe is really just responding to our stimuli, just as water does. As we see in the book Water Codes, the simplicity of this reality and the way it explains the unexplainable is astounding, yet the complexity of this system is incomprehensible. Try to wrap your head around the complexity of our water system - and then multiply that times infinity to grasp the wholly complex interconnectedness of our crystallographic matrix. Yet our ancestors, our wise sages and prophets, and those who wrote our most sacred spiritual texts, knew this fact and spoke, wrote, and taught this message that transcends all symbolism.
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