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Sacred Water, Structured Water

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"The Upholder of the Cycles which supports
the whole of Life, is Water.
In every drop of Water dwells the Godhead,
whom we all serve; there also dwells Life,
the Soul of the First substance - Water…"

~ Viktor Schauberger, famous water researcher, naturalist

To truly understand what water is, we must reach outside the limitations and boxes of mainstream, or even unconventional, science. We must reach into our own cultural history, the relationship humanity has had with water throughout antiquity, and what the wisdom of ancient texts and the documents of the sages and the saints tell us about water. When we combine what we know about water from a scientific standpoint with what we know about water from our spiritual roots, we find the way to a more complete understanding. Excerpt: Water Codes, Carly Nuday, PhD.

Sacred Water and Water Preachers

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water photo by Laurent Costa

water healing

Jesus answered,
Truly, truly, I say to you, except a man be born of Water and of the Spirit,
he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
(Bible: New Testament: John 3:5)

jesus water baptism

We have created every living thing from Water.
(Qur'an: Sura 21)

structured water ritual

In the midst of the Waters is moving the Lord, surveying men's truth and men's lies.
(Rig Veda: VII, 49)

water prayer

For My people have forsaken Me, [God] the fountain of living waters…"
(Bible: Old Testament: Jeremiah 2:13)

holy water ritual
parting the seas
John the Baptist. Jesus. Hinduism and the River Ganges. Mohammad. Cleansing rituals, baptism, and water for spiritual purification. The longstanding role of healing and sacred wells, springs, and rivers in virtually every culture throughout time. Were our ancestors crazy, full of enriched symbolism and empty practices, or did they have a deeper understanding of the power of structured water?

For thousands of years, certain waters have been known to help cure illness and have miraculous restorative and spiritual powers. These sacred waters, revered by virtually every culture, are highly structured (or were, as the case may be in certain now polluted areas.) Through understanding the science of water and its connection to health, healing, disease, and longevity, we can gain a new appreciation for the wisdom of our ancestral traditions in the concept of 'healing water', 'holy water', and 'sacred water.' It is the high structure of such water that lends them properties different from ordinary water. Recognizing this, it was well established that certain waters had these amazing properties, and were thus referred to as "holy", "healing", "sacred", or "living". The physical changes in properties of the water was not the focus of the people, but the actual event of physical and spiritual healing. It was not a phenomenon to investigate, it was a phenomena to live and experience.

walk on water
When viewing these scriptures, texts, and practices through the lens of a structured water perspective, we find an amazing truth and a much fuller understanding of Water's true potentials and abilities as it refers to our health, spirit, and consciousness. Water Codes explores the messages left behind by our religious and spiritual traditions throughout antiquity, and shows the true meaning of Water as a reflection or image of the soul, the storehouse of all consciousness, and our way and path to Spirit, Heaven, and God.

"Every major religion and nearly all ancient traditions, from Hinduism, Judeo-Christianity, and Islam, to Egyptian, Greek, and Babylonian mythology, recognize that the birth of life arose from Water, and that the spark of Life, the spirit of God, and the essence of the All, abides or can be found within it. It is believed to purify the soul, cleanse the spirit, remove energetic impurities, and wash away sin and karma…it expresses itself in countless texts, scriptures, survived legends, and verbal traditions. Literature from ancient India, Egyptian mythology, the Bible, the Torah, the Qur'an, un-canonized apocrypha work and gnostic scriptures, all describe a holy essence of Water. By examining even a few of these texts and practices, we find descriptions of the amazing abilities of water's remarkable structure and our ancestral explanation for what this structure truly means. It would appear these various traditions were all operating on principles of structured water science, within a model of structured water consciousness that intimately connects our mind, consciousness, and spirit with the structure of our water. These examinations also reveal a deep connection between structured water consciousness and enlightenment, spiritual evolution, and everlasting eternal life - teachings from which we can gain much understanding." ~ Excerpt, Water Codes

Sacred Water = Structured Water

For a full understanding of the power of structured water and the knowledge expressed by our ancestors and our spiritual and religious traditions, get your copy of Water Codes. Journey through our ancient traditions and texts surrounding the most powerful and abundant substance on our planet, and find out what our wisest sages, prophets, and wisdom keepers were really trying to tell us. Discover the real hidden messages in Water. End the Mystery today with The Water Codes, and learn the Truth about the science and spirit of structured water!

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