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EMF Protection and Bio-Water Restructuring

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emf protection pendant
Tree of Life Technologies offers the only tools and therapy systems in the world designed to restructure the body’s water system. Powerful and effective, these tools and systems are built using the principles of Dr. Marcel Vogel, and are unparalleled in effectiveness. Although I am no longer with Tree of Life Tech, so I may better devote my efforts to Water, I firmly believe in and personally use these tools, having personally experienced great healing and relief from them and having witnessed many others do the same. With a full guarantee, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Tree of Life Tech offers ARC Crystals and ARC Stars for superior bio-energetic enhancement, support, and EMF protection. ARC Tech uses quartz crystals cut into specific parameters designed by former IBM researcher and world renowned crystallographer Dr. Marcel Vogel, to vibrate in water resonance and successfully transfer information to the water system in the body. A patented technology, ARC Crystals are filled with multiple gems and minerals to project, in water resonance, the complex crystallographic structures and information our bio-water requires for optimal function. With ARC Stars, protection and support can be worn at all times. For full therapy systems, ARC Gem Lights utilizes multiple gem-filled ARC Vogel Crystals and specific spectra-chrome color frequencies for the most bio-available water-resonant induction of complex crystallographies to the bio-water and energetic systems of the body.

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