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Welcome! Here I offer only the highest quality in water treatment, tools, and products, from a holistic perspective to treat ALL the different water in your life, and of course the book Water Codes!

The Water we Take In - through purification, mineralization, and structuring systems. We give you access to the best water possible! Whether you are looking for under sink systems, countertop units, or whole house systems, we’ve got you covered!

The Water in the Environment - through pond, lake, and wastewater pool treatment. I’ve teamed up with the best in rehabilitating and revitalizing ponds, lakes, and wastewater pools to massively improve their health and ecology!

The Water we Grow With - applying structuring units to agricultural systems has dramatic effects on yield, water and fertilizer consumption, evaporation rates, pest and disease resistance, nutritional density!

The Water Inside of Us - by advancing the work of Dr. Marcel Vogel, Tree of Life Tech offers the world’s best in bio-water restructuring and EMF protection, through water resonance and complex crystallographies, offering individual tools and full therapeutic systems to increase the structure of the water inside of the body.
water codes the science of health

Water Codes: The Science of Health,
Consciousness, and Enlightenment

Called the most comprehensive study on water to date, Water Codes guides the reader through the amazing science of water, with the latest in cutting edge advancements. It describes how water works as a fractal antenna, as the storehouse and mechanism for consciousness, and details the historical texts and scriptures that demonstrate the knowledge our ancestors had of this science and the amazing power of water. Full of research and discovery, Water Codes provides answers to how the mind-body-spirit connection really works, through our amazing liquid crystal structured water system, and provides insights and mechanics to the phenomena so central to our health and experience. Fore more information and to read reviews, click here.

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emf protection

EMF Protection
and Bio-Water Restructuring

Tree of Life Technologies offers the only tools and therapy systems in the world designed to restructure the body’s water system. Patented, powerful and effective, these tools and systems are built using the principles of Dr. Marcel Vogel, and are unparalleled in effectiveness. I firmly believe in and use these tools, having personally experienced great healing, evolution, and relief from them and having witnessed many others do the same. With a full guarantee, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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COMING SOON! 2017-2018
Structuring Units

Liquid Crystal Life

Whether a whole house system, commercial unit, or small countertop system, we’ve rigorously designed the absolute best in water structuring systems available!

Based on years of research and development advancing the work of Marcel Vogel, with independent testing, we are proud to offer the most effective water structuring units available in the world!



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